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Latin American Sazon is particually good in rice, a blend of galic,chilli and other herbs. You can add to the rice before cooking if you are using a ricecooker or cooking via the absorbtion method or you can add once the rice has been cooked and drained.


Ingredient’s: Oregano, Coriander, Salt, Pepper, Cumin, Chilli, Garlic, Pepper (Allergens in Bold). 

Product of many countries blended in Shropshire UK

Store in a dry cool place

Latin American Sazon for rice

SKU: 706502051365


    Add 1 tablespoon of Sazon mix to 250gm of dry riceadd to rice cooker or saucepan cook using the absorbtion method.


    Cook rice, allow to cool, before making wallnut sized rice balls.


    Roll the  balls then in Panko Crumbs.

    Place in fridge for 30mins then quickly fry in hot vegitable oil until panko crumbs are golden.


    Drain on absorbent paper and serve either warm or cold.

  • The weight of each spice blend does vary depending on the weight of the ingredients, I have had many customers ask how big/much is 20gm etc; so I am currently using volume as a guide - 30, 60 or 150ml. As a rough guide a small (30ml) tin is enough for 1 - 2 meals for 2 people.  

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