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Get down and get back up again with this amazing dry or wet rub for lamb or goat, its equally as good with chicken wings.




Ingredients: Coriander, Ajwain, Fenugreek, Pepper, All-Spice, Cardamom Clove, Chilli, Ginger,Nutmeg, Salt, , CinnamonAllergens in BOLD

Jamin' Jamaka

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  • Pulled lamb/goat - Cover in spice blend, and marinate for atleast an hour. Put your joint in caserole dish or baking tray place in a 180c oven for 30 mins.  Turn the oven down to 130C cover the tray tightly with foil or cover the caserole dish with foil and a lid. Cook low n slow at 140C for 3 - 4 hours or until done, dont allow to dry out.

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