So where to start with this kit you can make sushi, katsu curry, ramen, panko crumb meat and veg, stir fry, season and spice your world  plus there is not a loaf of home made sourdough bread in sight.


Please SELECT Click and collect in the shipping menu this item is not available for postage


 We have the Bits you'll need you just need to supply your own bobs.


Each kit contains: Sushi mat, sushi rice, mirin, rice vinegar, kewpie mayo, sushi ginger, wasabi paste, shimi, nori seaweed, Katsu curry sauce, Terryaki or stir fry sauce, La Yu , ramen noodles, panko crumbs,  fish seasoning sauce, bonito flakes and soya sauce.


You will need to supply the meat n veg which can be purchased fron the wonderful trades at market hall this is CLICK and COLLECT only 

Japanese Kit - Click and Collect only


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